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September 6, 2021

Episode 88: Shang Chi & What If…? E4 Spoiler Reviews

"If you aim at nothing, you hit nothing." 

- Wah Yuen, Shang Chi


Welcome to episode 88! On this episode, Infinity Bros Max, Jarret, and Zayne are joined by Justin Mousseau aka "Moose" from Tik Tok! The Bros put Moose through the Infinity Gauntlet and hear him talk about some of his favorite comic books and pastas. Infinity Bro Zayne may have a new favorite MCU movie, Infinity Bro Max has a major gripe with Shang Chi, and Infinity Bro Jarret has a new awful take about What If! This is a complete spoiler breakdown of Shang Chi and What If E4, so don't listen until you've seen all the content!


Episode Timeline:


00:00 - Intro

05:17 - Infinity Gauntlet with Justin Mousseau

25:41 - Shang-Chi *SPOILER* Review

1:07:24 - What If...? Episode 4 *SPOILER* Review

1:27:32 - Outro


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Checkout Justin on Tik Tok @moose_0 or Click Here!



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