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October 16, 2019

Episode 20: Fortnite “Ends” | Martin Scorsese & Jennifer Aniston on the MCU | Top 5 Star Wars Characters

"CiNeMa iS a MatTeR oF WhAt'S iN ThE fRaMe AnD wHaT's OuT." -Martin Scorcese


Welcome to episode 20! On this episode Infinity Bro Isaac geeks out over Spider Man returning to the MCU. Infinity Bro Mark picks up his pitchfork and Infinity Bro Max finally gets to talk about the newest season of "This Is Us."Meanwhile, Infinity Bro Jarret proves he's the biggest Star Wars nerd of all! We talk about Spider Man returning, Fortnite, Scorcese and his MCU comments, and other hot issues of the pop culture! 


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