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A Podcast all things pop culture from film, tv, video games, and MORE! It’s perfectly balanced…as all things should be.


"This Podcast will be BREATHTAKING." - Keanu Reeves...probably


Welcome to episode 10! On this episode we give our reactions to the E3 Video Game conference while highlighting the return of Star Wars and Avengers. We then go into our Top 5 E3 moments of the weekend. Infinity Bro Mark gets sweaty thinking about Star Wars games. Infinity Bro Zayne spent more time watching E3 than achieving life tasks. While Infinity Bro Max continues to be spooked by the scary games. We end it by opening up the "Time Stone" and giving our reviews of the original Men In Black starring Will Smith. It's a jam packed show that ends with ANOTHER crackpot theory from Infinity Bro Mark in "House of Mark."



0.00.00 - Intro

0.09.50 - Marvel’s Avengers E3 Trailer Review

0.24.56 - Jedi: Fallen Order E3 Trailer Review

0.36.12 - Top 5: Anticipated Games/News from E3

0.47.55 - What’s Hot/What’s Snot

1.11.42 - Time Stone: Men in Black

1.23.03 - House of Maark 


1.38.20 - Outro


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We love YOU 3,000.

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"Mankind has always feared what it doesn't understand."


Welcome to Episode 9 of our podcast! On this episode we chat all things X-Men themed! We start the show off by reviewing Umbrella Academy on Netflix with mild spoilers. Infinity Bro Mark hasn't seen it and has a few gripes to share while Infinity Bro Max cannot wait for season 2. We then transition to Dark Phoenix COMPLETE SPOILER discussion as Infinity Bros Max and Mark share what they thought of the movie. Infinity Bro Robbie gets excited about Funko Pops in What's Hot? What's Snot? While Infinity Bro Jarret shares some new board games and video game news, while getting sweaty thinking of the future of the MCU/X-Men being together. 


0.00.00 - Intro

0.03.43 - Umbrella Academy Review

0.24.33 - Dark Phoenix Review

0.48.02 - What’s Hot/What’s Snot

1.20.11 - Top 5: X-Men Movies

1.39.06 - House of Mark


1.46.38 - Outro


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We love YOU 3,000.


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"I'll take Infinity Bros for 500 Trebek."


On this episode we talk about the E3 Video Game Showcase happening next weekend. We give predictions about what we want to see and what we are anticipating news on. We hear thoughts from our listeners in listener feedback. We then get into What's Hot? What's Snot? Infinity Bro Isaac chats about the Tick. Infinity Bro Robbie reacts to the negative reviews of Godzilla. Infinity Bro Jarret refuses to stop talking about Monster Hunter or Dauntless. Finally, Infinity Bro Max chats about James Holzhauer's run in Jeopardy and gets grouchy at the new Rambo trailer including "Old Town Road." We finally close the show with our lists of Top 5 Movie Trailers of All-Time!


0.00.00 - Intro

0.01.51 - Listener Feedback

0.12.40 - E3 Preview

0.30.50 - Dauntless Review

0.39.16 - What’s Hot/What’s Snot

1.14.30 - Top 5: Movie Trailers

1.36.35 - Outro



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We love YOU 3,000.

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"The Dark Knight...Returns?"


On this episode we chat about the news of Robert Pattinson becoming the next Batman actor. Infinity Bro Mark then shares his reviews of Brightburn and John Wick 3, he may blush thinking about George Clooney's bat-nipples. Infinity Bro Max then shares his thoughts on the newest Disney live action movie: Aladdin! He then proceeds to cower in fear over the thought of Brightburn. Infinity Bro Zayne shares his thoughts on the Westworld Season 3 trailer while giving predictions as well. All this and more on this episode so don't miss it!


0.00.00 - Intro

0.04.00 - Listener Feedback

0.09.55 - The New Batman

0.31.16 - John Wick/Brightburn/Aladdin Reviews

0.57.56 - Westworld Trailer and Predictions

1.09.40 - What’s Hot/Snot

1.38.22 - Top 5: Video games you would like to see be made into movies


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"Any man who says I am the King is no true king." 


On this episode we breakdown the series finale of Game Of Thrones! Infinity Bros Mark and Robbie share why they are disappointed with the ending while jolly old Isaac defends his excitement over the ending. We rate the series finale as a whole, while reviewing the whole episode. We then discuss the cultural impact that Game Of Thrones has had while discussing the fans negative response to a low rated season 8. If you're a Game of Thrones fan you DON'T want to miss this one! 


Episode 6 Timeline

0.00.00 - Intro

0.02.30 - Game of Thrones Season 8 Rating/Reviews

0.41.20 - Cultural Impact of Game of Thrones

0.51.17 - Top 5: Game of Thrones Season 8 Moments

1.04.20 - What’s Up Next Week


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Link to Game of Thrones Rotten Tomatoes All-Time Rankings (Through S8E5): http://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/guide/every-episode-of-game-of-thrones-ranked/1/


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"You're going to want to listen to this episode, we can feel it in our jellys!"


On this episode Infinity Bros Mark and Max sit down to talk about Detective Pikachu and much more! We start the show off with some listener feedback then react to the trailers of IT: Chapter 2, Watchmen (HBO), and Spider-Man: Far From Home! Mark shares his feedback on last week's episode of Game Of Thrones while also giving his perspective on the Starbucks cup scandal. Max breaks down the TV Show Flinch and Nailed It during What's Hot? What's Snot? Finally, the Bros give their honest opinions and ratings of Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu! 


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* This episode is proof that this podcast can exist after Endgame*

On this episode we talk about the incredible box office run that Marvel has in just 1 week with Endgame. Infinity Bro Mark shares his thoughts on GoT S8E3. We spend 10 minutes ripping Sonic the Hedgehog to shreds and more! We then go into What's Hot What's Snot? Infinity Bro Max give his thoughts on the season premiere of Kobra Kai 2, Infinity Bro Jarret geeks out over Savage Avengers, and Infinity Bro Mark shares his love for Adam Sandler hosting SNL. At the end of the episode we talk about our Top 5 Avengers: Endgame moments and share some of the other Infinity Bro's picks.


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Links Discussed in This Episode: 

 0.00.00 - Intro
0.02.52 - Listener Feedback
0.09.58 - Endgame Box Office Numbers
0.18.06 - MORE Endgame Reviews!
0.30.08 - Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer
0.41.36 - What’s Hot/Snot
1.09.24 - Game of Thrones Update
1.14.34 - Top 5: Endgame Moments

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We love YOU 3,000!


On this episode we talk about Avengers: Endgame! We give a spoiler review of this movie so don't read any further until you watch the film! Infinity Bro Isaac reminisces about Civil War and his stance on Tony v. Cap. Infinity Bro Robbie ponders if Heath Ledger's Joker is better than Thanos. Infinity Bro Mark blushes thinking about Tony potentially being AI...or not. And Infinity Bro Max hates on fat Thor. We have a jam packed show that breaks down the whole movie! 

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Links Discussed:

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"Oh hey, sup? I'm a superhero!"


This is our second episode of the podcast! We talked a LOT and didn't think we had 2+ hours of podcast in us... but we did! On this Episode you get to know Infinity Bros Max, Zayne, and Isaac. Zayne and Max talk about what they think of Shazam (Spoiler Alert: Isaac still hasn't seen it). We then go into "What's Hot and What's Snot?" Max cries about This Is Us, Isaac gives us his up to date review of Law & Order: SVU, and Zayne gives a decade late review of Jeepers Creepers. We then finally get to the stuff that's happening today. We finally breakdown the Avengers: Endgame marketing campaign, discuss it's $200 million dollar marketing budget, and predict who will die! It all comes at the end so don't miss it. Feel free to email us listener feedback to infinitybrospodcast@gmail.com! 

Episode timeline

0:00:00 - Intro 

0:03:09 - Who are the Infinity Bros? 

0:25:00 - Shazam! reviews

0:48:03 - What’s Hot/What’s Not

1:41:04 - Endgame Marketing & Predictions


Links Discussed:

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"No one's ever really gone..."


Welcome to the first episode Infinity Bros Podcast! In this episode Infinity Bros Max and Robbie sit down and talk about the Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere and the new Star Wars trailer. Since Robbie won't be here next week, he shares his thoughts and rating on Shazam. We get our feet wet and give our opinions on GOT & Star Wars.


Feel free to send us a listener feedback at infinitybrospodcast@gmail.com!

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